Women’s Health – What to Expect at Your OB-GYN Appointment

It’s not easy being a woman. The complex wiring of our system or body to make it ready for child birth brings with it a possibility of plethora of health concerns that can be hard to detect. That’s precisely why you must go for annual health check to locate or realize and remedy problems before they turn grave.

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Conducting Health Insurance Plans Comparison

When it comes to finding affordable health coverage, it pays to do a health insurance plans comparison. After all, you want to make the most informed decision possible; one that will leave you feeling certain that you have made the right coverage choice for you and your dependents. Comparing and contrasting plans allows you to take a closer look at the details, pros and cons of each medical plan, so that you will know what to expect from the coverage once you make your decision.

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Interview with Alan E Smith, Author of “UnBreak Your Health”

Alan Smith has found greater health and happiness thanks to complementary and alternative therapies. A few years ago his deteriorating health took him to the finest medical facility in the world, The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Unfortunately they didn’t have any solutions for his digestive problems. Just a few weeks later he discovered a new book by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. called “Biology of Belief.” This was the kind of answer he had been searching for-scientific evidence that the energy of thoughts and feelings could directly influence the function of cells. In other words, the right beliefs and attitudes could improve health! Lipton’s book led him to Rob Williams’s PSYCH-K® process. With the first signs of improvement he became so excited about complementary and alternative therapies that he began offering PSYCH-K® in Plano, Texas. The challenge of introducing a new type of healing, especially in a conservative Southern location, was the inspiration for “UnBreak Your Health.”

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